Dr. Henry Miller, a physician and molecular biologist, and the fellow in Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, wrote a very well thought out opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, urging critics of Me-Too drugs to "take a chill pill". He makes four very compelling arguments, but the one that really stood out to us was his first: 

"...there often are critical differences in clinical safety or effectiveness among drugs that act through similar mechanisms." 

The example cited to support his point is an upcoming study to be released in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology that found significant differences in side effect profiles between different formulations of statins. Dr. Miller goes on to stress how it is thus very important for clinicians to select statins that minimize adverse events based on a patient's profile.

We could not agree more. As you can see by this chart of the statins, there are indeed significant differences in safety profiles, as represented by each drug's RxScore.




With the work that we are doing at AdverseEvents, we see these differences not only with statins, but with virtually every class of drugs. The decision to prescribe should be one that takes into account all available evidence. However, to date it has been very difficult to quickly assess the post-approval side effect profile of a drug, or class of drugs, and use that information to support their decisions. 

Our goal is to make this information accessible, actionable, and predictable through software driven by our proprietary RxSuite of analytics. 

To see for yourself how AdverseEvents Explorer is helping innovative and progressive healthcare institutions make better decisions, register for a complimentary 7 day trial.


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Jim Davis

Written by Jim Davis

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