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When I think of a product reveal, I think of Steve Jobs and the amazing, circus-like atmosphere he was able to build around the formal introductions of new Apple products. From the earliest Macintosh computer 30-years ago all the way through the iPad Mini, Jobs and his team were masters at building suspense and then delivering a real knock-out punch.

At AdverseEvents we’re doing a new product reveal of our own this week, just minus the circus.

On Tuesday we put out a press release formally announcing the launch of the AdverseEvents Explorer platform at the AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) Conference in Tampa, FL. As I write this, our sales team is jetting south from Boston. They’ll spend the next three long days working our conference booth and demonstrating for attendees how our data and analytic tools can help health care decision makers reduce costs and improve patient safety and outcomes. You can see them in action here:


AMCP Tampa 2014 Tradeshow


But for those of us on the development side, the big reveal really hasn’t been so dramatic. For us, the “launch” happened sometime about six months ago. You see, we’ve been working on the AdverseEvents Explorer platform and related tools for almost two years now. We ran it in Alpha (internal testing) for most of 2013 and turned it on for Beta (outside use testing) in November. Since then, our sales team has done a lot of product demos and trials for prospects and in January we started adding paid clients to the platform. We’ve used the feedback from those user interactions to make improvements to the site, find and fix bugs, and generally get the whole platform looking and functioning at a proper commercial level.

And now that the AdverseEvents Explorer platform is formally launched, our real work is just beginning. We’ll continue to solicit user feedback and make changes and improvements to serve our client and prospect base. And we’ll continue to develop new tools and modules to improve our clients’ workflows and understanding of emerging drug safety issues.


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So while I would like to stand on a stage in front of a packed house in a black mock- turtleneck and dramatically pull back the curtain to astonished gasps from the crowd, the fact is that our big reveal is really just another day in the life of our company. It’s neither the beginning, nor the end. Still, it is a milestone that deserves recognition and maybe even a little celebration. But after a quick sip of bubbly, it’s back to work!



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