Pool play has now ended! Below are the drugs that have advanced to the Round of 16, with a glimpse of how others voted. Congratulations to Edward Bornet, who correctly guessed the winners of 5 out of 8 groups! The tournament continues now into the Round of 16! Play along below to see the match ups and put in your picks.

Play Along Now! Round of 16
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Group A: Anticoagulants

Advances to Round of 16: Eliquis and Coumadin


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Group B: Type 2 Diabetes

Advances to Round of 16: Victoza and Onglyza

Group B

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Group C: Hepatitis C

Advances to Round of 16: Solvadi and Incivek

Group C

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Group D: Multiple Sclerosis

Advances to Round of 16: Tysabri and Gilenya

 Group D

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Group E: Statins

Advances to Round of 16: Crestor and Simcor

 Group E

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Group F: Antiplatelet

Advances to Round of 16: Plavix and Brilinta

 Group F

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Group G: Rheumatroid Arthritis

Advances to Round of 16: Enbrel and Xeljanz

 Group G

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Group H: Asthma

Advances to Round of 16: Advair Symbicort

 Group H

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Jim Davis

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