We have received an amazing response to our report -- Expediting Drug Safety Using FOIA: An Analysis of 57,000 New Unreleased FAERS Reports.

With the release of this previously unavailable data, pharmacy directors now have more information at their finger-tips to make better drug formulary decisions regarding newly approved drugs. Clinical pharmacists can now better pinpoint why their patients are experiencing certain ADEs. And drug safety industry followers can now utilize quality, standardized, and ACTIONABLE information that improves outcomes and lowers costs.

There are still some in the industry that believe drug safety information should remain solely in the hands of the manufacturers and the FDA, and not made widely available. 


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We wholeheartedly disagree with these members of the old guard.

Data accessibility is what will change the health care industry – understanding the complete data landscape will enable the best decisions to made for the industry and most importantly, the patients.

Data that is actionable and predictable will determine alternatives and predict future actions, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

The new guard has arrived, and we are redefining drug safety.


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Jim Davis

Jim Davis

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Jim Davis

Written by Jim Davis

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