It’s only the third week of September and I’m already exhausted.

I should be used to it by now, but every year I’m always startled by the sudden acceleration from the lazy days at the tail end of summer vacation into the craziness that is early Fall.

Like many of you, we dropped our kids off for their first day of school at the end of August.  That should have been the alarm bell for the insanity that was about to ensue, but I just didn’t see it coming this year.

It started on August 31 when the grape harvest kicked into high gear.  We picked our estate pinot noir Torrey Hill Vineyard that Sunday and we’ve been off and running ever since.  If you haven’t already, please check out Bruliam Wines (sorry, shameless plug!)

Bruliam Wine

What does the annual grape harvest have to do with drug safety?  Absolutely nothing.  But if you’ve ever wondered why we’re headquartered in the middle of California’s wine growing region, it’s because some of us actually grow and make wine.  For 44 weeks out of the year, winemaking is a leisurely vocation.  But for the 8 weeks out of the year that constitutes harvest season, it’s an all-out madhouse.  Unfortunately, that madhouse always coincides with the AdverseEvents’ business ramping back up in the early fall – making for a perfect storm of busy days and sleepless nights.

At AdverseEvents, this fall has already been even crazier than normal.  Last week we rolled out a series of big updates to our AdverseEvents Explorer platform.

AEX updataes RxOutcome

AEX updates RxSignal

AEX updates Outcomes

From hundreds of discussions with clients and prospects in the managed care space, we’ve put together a series of improvements to our site that make our proprietary data, analytics, and analysis easier to access, understand, and act upon.  We’re super excited to introduce these new tools to our core markets.  If you haven’t already seen the upgrades, please contact us to schedule a demo.

Last week, Jim Davis and I were also honored to attend the annual TEDMED conference as one of the few start-ups selected to participate in The Hive innovation group.

We had a great time listening to engaging speakers, meeting new people in the healthcare ecosystem and catching up with some old friends.  We even came home with a special souvenir from the conference – fall colds.  Or is it TEDCOLD?


Taken together – harvest, Explorer product launch, and TEDMED – it’s been a crazy start to the craziest part of the year.  And we have no plans to slow down.  We have a series of additional AdverseEvents Explorer upgrades that our development team is already working on for year end and we have plans to be at AMCP Nexus ( October 7 - 10, Boston, MA) and MLA Quintessential 2014: Convergence & Collaboration  (October 12- 16, Denver, CO) and ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (December 7-11, Anaheim, CA) conferences in the coming weeks where we hope to see some of you in person.

We’re looking forward to a busy fall season at AdverseEvents, but also looking forward to that next vacation!

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Brian Overstreet

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