389_Evidex_Logo_03_TM_Revised.jpgIt was a big week for us here at Advera Health. On Tuesday we released Evidex™, the next generation of our drug informatics platform that combines annotated data from curated clinical trial results together with structured real world evidence. We are extremely excited about Evidex, as it provides the first end-to-end solution that greatly increases the speed and efficiency of drug reviews by our clients.

Evidex is the evolution of the platform our clients have been using to better assess and mitigate drug safety risks for the past two years. Evidex features the addition of on-demand pooled and individual analyses of clinical trial and published study results. The initial clinical evidence dataset contains both safety and efficacy data and analytics for over 800 clinical trials for drugs phase II and above in Hepatitis C and Diabetes. Additional indications will be added in the coming months and data will be updated in real time as new evidence are obtained.

Based on extensive client testing and feedback while in beta, we believe that Evidex will be a game changer for drug evidence reviews. Our clients tell us that a single drug evidence review usually takes them one week or more. With as many as 60 novel drugs up for FDA approval in 2016, identifying relevant studies, extracting data, and compiling those data into standardized analytical frameworks is nearly impossible for most healthcare organizations.

Evidex will change the way data is collected and analyzed, saving hundreds of hours of manual processes, while improving to the quality and thoroughness of each review. More thorough drug reviews equal better decisions, lower costs, and improved patient outcomes.

In addition to the time saving attributes of the clinical evidence module, Evidex offers a way to marry clinical data with real-world evidence. This powerful combination allows users to compare how side effect profiles evolve over time.  Its easy-to-use front end can be easily used both in a research and point-of-care setting.

One of the emerging safety stories we’ve been tracking for a while concerns SGLT-2 inhibitors.  With Evidex, we can see that ketoacidosis (a side-effect that FDA initially warned for back in May 2015, and added to the drugs’ labels in December 2015) is being reported at a higher rate in the real-world than it was reported in clinical trials.  We are seeing this type of pattern emerge for many of the signals we are generating using our RxSignal algorithm. Prior to Evidex, this type of analysis was virtually inaccessible to healthcare decision makers.

So, the question is: How will you review all of the drugs approved in 2016 and beyond? In connection with the launch of Evidex, we are offering complimentary 7-day trials of the platform to qualified organizations so you can see for yourself what better evidence collection and analysis can look like.

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Jim Davis, EVP Advera Health Analytics, Inc.



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Jim Davis

Written by Jim Davis

As Executive Vice President, Jim is responsible for the commercialization strategy for Advera Health Analytics.