Close up of businessman drawing increasing graph with marker.jpegConstructing accurate drug and competitive market forecasts is a vital function of pharmaceutical commercial teams. A model that combines patient-based and event-based assumptions provides for a stronger understanding of the drug’s market, and accounts for potential scenarios that could affect what patient populations are treated. A lot of data need to be synthesized to create the best forecast possible. Evidence aggregation platforms are well suited to this task.

Let’s examine the case of a new drug entering a market which is claiming superior safety and efficacy vs. standard of care. While it is expected to quickly take market share, there are concerns that the advantages may only be seen in certain patient demographics.  If true this would significantly alter patient-based forecasts and market penetration models.

An evidence aggregation platform allows for the easy curation of specific trial arms across a large body of evidence that include the patient baseline characteristics in question. Since the safety and efficacy results can be segmented to only look at those patients and the data can be used to create an on-demand meta-analysis, it is easy to compare those segmented, pooled results to standard of care.

Once efficacy and safety differences are identified, the evidence aggregation platform allows the commercial team to further investigate real world safety and efficacy data for drugs on market to better align their sales with real world performance.

Using the combinations of these datasets creates an efficient way to synthesize complex data and incorporate the insights generated into forecast models. The result are more accurate, dynamic forecasts to drive commercial planning and strategy.

Advera Health’s Evidex™ is an evidence aggregation platform that makes evidence collection and generation easy though a simple to use, yet powerful web-based application. To learn more about specific use cases of evidence aggregation platform's like Evidex for pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations, hospitals, and product liability insurers, download our new White Paper, Use Cases for a Pharmaceutical Evidence Aggregation Platform- Combining Clinical Trial Results with Real World Data.


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Jim Davis, EVP Advera Health

Topics: Drug Safety, Clinical Evidence, Evidex, Pharmacovigiance 2.0

Jim Davis

Written by Jim Davis

As Executive Vice President, Jim is responsible for the commercialization strategy for Advera Health Analytics.