This year we had over 11k blog views, 2k subscribers, 70+ blog posts, 6 different authors, and subjects ranging from World Cup Drug Safety to ways to increase adverse event reporting and everything and I mean EVERYTHING in between (What Does the FDA and Scarface have in Common?)... so it has been a great year for our bloggers and readers alike.

This week, we would like to feature our most popular posts from this past year. We tallied up the views and here are the top 10 posts of 2014!

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We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings… and what Jim Davis will think of next.


1.) OpenFDA - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Simply making data available isn't good enough. The FDA needs to be transparent with the deficiencies of the current OpenFDA system to make it the truly revolutionary step forward in the advancement of healthcare that it can be...

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2.) Should Adverse Drug Event Reporting by Healthcare Providers be Mandatory?

What would happen if healthcare providers were required to file adverse event reports?

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3.) Does Brilinta Really Have a Better Drug Safety Profile Than Plavix?

Review of post-approval data suggests disproportionally elevated reporting of certain adverse events linked to Brilinta and Plavix.

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4.) Quiz: What Type of Drug Safety Professional Are You?

There are three “types” of people we talk to that are involved in drug safety. Enlightened Drug Safety Professionals, Progressive Drug Safety Professionals, and Members of the Old Guard. What type are you?

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5.) How Can You Tell When a Lawyer Is Lying?

Lawyers have long contributed to FAERS, but it seems of late that the volume of targeted reporting has increased significantly – especially for cases that are in active litigation.

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6.) Why is Questcor’s Disclosure on Acthar Side Effects News?

The failure to allow post-approval adverse event data to be used by non-pharmacovigilance experts, as in the Acthar case, may be a very expensive lesson for Questcor and Mallinckrodt.

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7.) Moneyball for Drug Safety

The application of data and statistics in a new way to an industry very cemented in its old ways and a group met with initial derision and even mocking because of their new ways of approaching a problem...

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8.) Post Approval Adverse Events... What's the Real World Impact? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How many adverse events per drug are seen in real world reporting? What are the outcomes of these adverse events? What are the costs of these adverse events? The IMPACT is what is important.

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9.) Hepatitis C: why side effects of treatment are a particularly big deal

This is a key point, as both the fear and reality of side effects from HCV drugs are a main cause of 1) not even starting treatment in the first place, and 2) premature treatment cessation.

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10.) FAERS - Myths vs. Realities

AdverseEvents has systematically set out to debunk all three FAERS myths through the use of peer-reviewed studies in major academic journals.

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