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The Non-Negotiable Cost of Drugs

Posted by Jim Davis on May 1, 2015


In the past several months the “war on drugs” has intensified. But the war is no longer defined as an offensive against illegal narcotics, but one against pharmaceutical companies and the increasing costs of specialty drugs. With the donkeys, elephants, and other political animals gearing up for the 2016 electoral stampede, it seems that each news cycle brings another criticism of drug pricing practices.

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Topics: cost review, patient safety, pharmaceutical industry

3 Ways Drug Safety is Like Car Sales in the 1980’s

Posted by Jim Davis on May 30, 2014


What do I have to do, to get you into Lipitor today?

Studies have shown it’s the safest statin around!

Post-approval safety? Oh yeah, it’s great!!! Trust me!!! Our studies were fantastic!

You want to see data?

Well, I don't have the data, but I can tell you that everyone who has ever bought Lipitor from me, has LOVED it!

Before I get a lot of nasty emails, let me start by saying that although the reader could infer that I am, I ensure you that I AM NOT comparing pharma sales reps to used car salesmen. What I am doing is comparing the pharmaceutical industry, specifically drug safety, to the used car industry before the widespread proliferation of the World Wide Web.

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Topics: Drug Safety, Managed Care Organization, Clinical Trials, pharmaceutical industry

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