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Honest Salespeople Aren’t Dead

Posted by Andrea Demakas on June 24, 2016

I’m writing this in the lobby of a car dealership, waiting for my vehicle to get serviced. I brought a couple of sales books with me so I could utilize the 2 hour wait. I recently took on the added role of part-time sales rep within Advera Health as I have experienced successful case studies first-hand through being our client-facing Product Specialist over the past two years: I’ve built relationships with our existing clients, received their feedback on our data tools & analytics to see how they’ve implemented the information, and witnessed how our Evidex platform has become an integral part of their workflow.

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Why is Express Scripts Decision to Remove Drugs From Its Formulary News?

Posted by Brian Overstreet on October 18, 2013
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We came across an interview with Steven Miller, the Chief Medical Officer at Express Scripts recently about the stir his company has created in its decision to remove 48 medications from its national preferred formulary.

Our immediate reaction: Why is this news?

OK, we understand why it’s news. The biggest PBM has decided to remove certain medications from its formulary. That has real and significant revenue implications for the drugs’ manufacturers and potential implications for patients in reduced medication choice (although Dr. Miller goes to great length to refute that latter point).

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Topics: Payers, Express Scripts, Formulary, P&T, PBM

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