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ICER Underestimates Adverse Event Rates and Costs for Multiple Sclerosis Medications

Posted by Jim Davis on March 10, 2017


On March 6th ICER released their final Evidence Report on Multiple Sclerosis medications. The conclusion was that every MS medication, except for Lemtrada, do not provide enough value to justify their prices. As with every ICER report that is released, the pharmaceutical manufacturers refute the findings and tout their R&D expenses and the very real burden of bringing life saving drugs to markets.

I’m not looking to start a debate on the merits of either ICER’s or the manufacturers’ arguments in this post. Taking my position on the fence, I can say that I believe ICER provides a valuable, independent view into value, but at the same time pharmaceutical companies should expect to be able to be reasonably compensated for their efforts.

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The Comparative Safety of Multiple Sclerosis Medications – A 2016 Update

Posted by Andrea Demakas on May 6, 2016

If you subscribe to our monthly RxView Newsletter, then you probably saw the announcement that later in May, annotated data from curated clinical trial results for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) medications will be available in Evidex. Our coverage will include all approved drugs, as well as those in phase II development and above.

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