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Why Does Adverse Event Reporting to FAERS Continue to Accelerate?

Posted by Brian Overstreet on October 20, 2016

faers_growth.pngSeventy two hours after 2016 Q2 FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) data were publicly released by FDA, our RxFilter® process had it standardized and loaded into the Evidex platform.  Based on the volume of data in Q2, it looks like we’re well on the way to yet another record year of adverse events reported into FAERS. 

Here is a chart of new case reports (including our estimate for full year 2016).  Note that these numbers are based on a clean dataset; de-duplicated, primary suspect cases only).

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Topics: FAERS

HHS Says they are Finally Going to Enforce Clinical Trial Reporting. Will Anything Really Change?

Posted by Brian Overstreet on September 22, 2016

Last December, Stat News wrote a scathing report on the chronic under reporting of clinical trial results.  We followed that up in July with our own blog post, highlighting specific under reporting rates we’ve found in just a handful of indications.

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Topics: Clinical Trials, Clinical Evidence

Drug Safety Snail Mail. Really?

Posted by Brian Overstreet on September 1, 2016

Last week the U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy sent a letter to every doctor in the U.S. to warn them of the dangers of opioid addiction.  While certainly well intentioned, I have to ask - in this age of technology, is this the best we can do?  Why not fax or, even better, send a Western Union cable?

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Topics: Drug Safety, opioids, healthcare

The Drug Pricing Battle Wages On

Posted by Brian Overstreet on August 19, 2016

The battle over drug pricing took an interesting turn here in California this week.  On the heels of such negative publicity about high priced prescription drugs, giant price spikes for certain medications, and general bad behavior among certain high profile biotech executives, it’s not surprising that regulators and government bodies are starting to weigh in on ways to regulate or control drug price increases.

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Summer Slowdown? No, Summer Build!

Posted by Brian Overstreet on July 29, 2016

As we hit the end of July, it seems that the summer slowdown is in full effect.  For every ten emails I send out I get back at least six “out of office” replies.  As with any organization focused on building and supporting a client base, it’s hard not to get a little anxious in August when calls aren’t returned, contracts aren’t processed, and just about everything grinds to a halt.

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Guest Post: BBK Talks #BigData with Advera Health Analytics

Posted by Brian Overstreet on July 15, 2016

This post was originally published on the BBK Worldwide Blog.

Big Data was a Big Topic at this year’s DIA Annual Meeting, and continues to be an area of interest and investment across the life sciences and healthcare industries as organizations seek to further integrate new data streams and real-time analysis into clinical R&D. Data collection, management and analysis are at the crux of everything we do here at BBK, and our clients are keenly interested in how to manage and optimize Big Data. We interviewed Brian Overstreet, CEO of Advera Health Analytics, a leading healthcare informatics company, to get their take and to see how access to meaningful data is helping to push healthcare forward. 

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Topics: Big Data, patient safety

Chronic Underreporting of Clinical Trials

Posted by Brian Overstreet on July 8, 2016

Well, now we’re getting somewhere!

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Topics: MS, NIH

The Circus is in Town

Posted by Brian Overstreet on June 9, 2016

For those of you in the rest of the country, this all probably old hat.  But for us here in California, the circus finally came to town last week in the form of the presidential primaries.  By the time you read this, the voting results will be widely known.  But as I sit here on an unusually overcast weekend in Northern California, all we know is that the three remaining presidential candidates are here and they are pouring it on as strongly as possible.

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Nothing is a Waste of Time

Posted by Brian Overstreet on May 27, 2016


Auguste Rodin is credited with the quote, “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”  I think the more accurate statement may be that nothing is a waste of time if you are willing to wait long enough for the ROI.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how success in this space is a long term process.  Here’s a case in point.

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Playing the Long Game

Posted by Brian Overstreet on May 13, 2016

“Hi, my name is Brian and I’m a healthcare IT / digital health entrepreneur”.  From 2013 to mid-2015, I used that line with pride and maybe even a little boastfulness when meeting people for the first time in Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and everywhere in between.  Lately it hasn’t carried as much cache.

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